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Welcome to our platform. We are here to help you set the pace for the most efficient and valuable rewards out there.

    If you are a small company or a large enterprise, My Rewards are here to support you!


    • Recognition and rewards on-demand   
    • Peer recognition offering
    • Dashboard showing statistics and budget usage
    • Customized product catalog manager
    • Company Credit purchase
    • Credit for division allocation
    • Managers approval processing
    • Reports for budget and spending
    • Instant onboarding, self-served
    • Multiple mass employee recognition 
    • Automated recognitions such as birthday’s, anniversaries 
    • Integrating with google workspace
    • Support for API  

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What’s so unique about My Rewards compared to other vendors in this niche?

    Most vendors provide gift cards or special events tickets, My Rewards, specializing in providing physical goods shipped directly from Amazon to the employer, usually available a free two-day delivery on eligible items. No need to connect your account or to use your prime, and on top of that, enjoying a special discount made for businesses.

    How do I opt-in the service?

    Very easy, you only need to fill out the form, and one of our account managers will happily respond within 24 hours to have your company on board our platform.

    How do I add my employees?

    We currently support Google, so if your business resides on Google workspace, the integration in importing your employees is seamless. If not, contact us, and our support team will have you set up in no time.

    Amazon geographical cover:

    We currently support U.S. and U.K. and will be adding additional countries soon.

    There is also an international shipping option to many countries, it includes additional shipping costs, and taxes may be applied.

    How do I top up my company rewards balance?

    We have various options to top up the global balance.

    You may purchase balance through:

    • Bank transfer
    • PayPal
    • Payoneer
    • Credit Card

    How do I track the item, and what if I have issues or wants to return an item:

    Every order placed by the employer will show the tracking data as soon as it is shipped.

    We have 24/7 chat support to handle all your queries and help you with return or cancellation. Once a refund is submitted, it will credit back the employee balance.

    How much this service costs?

    There are two payment options:

    Subscription fee: There is a monthly fee per employee.


    Pay as you go: We allocate a small flat fee for each transaction taken from the employer. 

    No setup fee

    No mark up on the product 

    To maximize your rewards budget directly to your employee.

    For more questions, email to: [email protected]